What is Home Winterization?

Home winterization

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, All Souls members and friends volunteer to rake leaves, cover windows and air conditioners with thick plastic to keep out the cold wind, put insulation on pipes, clean out gutters,  and a number of other jobs that the homeowners identify that needs to be done.

Usually we have three homes to winterize each year.  After Morning Prayer at 9:15, teams are made and each team goes to a home, usually in the Ashland, Va. area.  Team members are all ages – children often rake leaves, teens do everything with great energy, and everyone makes sure that the home is ready for winter. 

In addition, All Souls makes a Thanksgiving Basket for each family - turkey and all the trimmings.We visit with the homeowners and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

All Souls has many outreach activities, but this one is special!  We get to know the family living in the house, and our work directly affects their comfort during the winter.

Come and join us on November 24, 9:15 am at the Atlee House, 9077 Atlee Road for Morning Prayer. After Morning Prayer we will break into teams and then leave to winterize a homes.  Dress warmly and be ready to have a great morning.

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