All Souls Holy Week

Holy Week at a Glance

Holy Week at a Glance:

An Activity: For this time away from our sanctuary and one another, I encourage you to create a Prayer Table somewhere in your home. This is a simple, sacred space for you to come and be with God. See the instruction sheet, How to Create a Prayer Table in Our Homes, which is in this packet.

Palm Sunday – In this packet you will find a short meditation on Palm Sunday and palms that have been blessed by me. I encourage you to take a walk on Sunday morning. Remember the journey of Jesus, the disciples, and all those who hoped for the world to embrace the love and acceptance about which Jesus taught. Remember the many miles walked by them as they worked to spread this news and to heal those in need of healing. If you are unable to walk, go sit outside or in a sunny window in your home. End your practice with the prayer included with the meditation.

Maundy Thursday – Agape Meal and Foot Washing in Our Homes. See materials in the packet. As part of this evening, you could also choose to change your Prayer Table to reflect these next few days.

Good Friday – To intentionally take time during this day and quietly reflect on the events of Good Friday is one way of remembering this day. Included in the packet is a booklet we made – Stations of the Cross. It walks through Jesus’ journey. The prayers are from The Episcopal Church. The woodblock prints are from an artist who specifically released her prints for faith communities to use in this time of separation. I invite you to sit inside or outside and quietly read through the prayers and reflect on the Stations of the Cross.

The Great Easter Vigil – Some of the Episcopal clergy of the North Richmond Region are joining together to celebrate The Great Easter Vigil. We will follow all the safety guidelines given for COVID19. We will be pre-recording this and sending out an email to each of you as to how to access the service. It will also be posted on our website how to access the service. It WILL include the great fire, the readings, and Renewal of Baptismal Vows.

Easter Day – Stayed tuned. We will let the congregation know what we have planned for Easter in our weekly eNewsletter. 

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