Brunswick Stew was sold out!

Stew sales


Many thanks to our volunteers that chopped veggies, stirred, tasted, quarted, and distributed stew on Saturday!

And thanks to those that sold stew and especially thanks to those that purchased our delicious stew!

All Souls is Selling Delicious Brunswick Stew!  Our StewMaster is Randy Bush, assisted by All Souls volunteers!

We will be making and distributing our stew on Saturday, November 7, 12:30 - 1:30 pm, 9077 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

We are only making 180 quarts this year, so order early.

All Souls members - sales form is attached.  See below for additional information. 

If you would like to purchase stew, please email Beth at  Stew is $10 a quart.

Thank you for either selling or purchasing stew.  Proceeds from sales fund our mission programs in the Mechanicsville area.

All Souls is observing Covid 19 best practices in making and distributing stew: wearing a mask, social distancing, frequent washing of hands and use of gloves, cooking and distributing product outside.


Brunswick Stew Sales Seller Information

November 7, 2020

Thank you for taking orders for the most delicious Brunswick Stew in Mechanicsville!  Our Stew master is Randy Bush who has won many awards.  He is assisted by fantastic All Souls volunteers who in chop, stir, and “quart!”  If you have not participated in making stew, we invite you to help us this year and join in the fun!

When taking orders, there are a few things to remember:

1.   Stew will be ready on Saturday beginning at 12:30 pm, ending at 1:30 pm

Pick up – either you are going to deliver stew or the purchaser will pick up the stew at the Atlee House – 9077 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville, VA.  Please give those that purchase stew a receipt and circle their choice of pick up or your delivery. 

2.  Your order form is our record of sales and must be turned in with payments to Beth Harper. You can email or text your orders, and please do often!  Do not turn in any money for Stew in the collection plates on Sundays. Phone numbers of purchasers MUST be on the order forms just in case we need to contact them.

4.  Please turn in forms often and early.  You can text, or email Beth with photos or PDF”s of your order forms, but money for your orders  and the original order form still has to be given to Beth  Text is 804 387-6167. Email is  Please make sure your picture shows the entire form and that the form is complete and legible! When we are at 160 quarts we will stop taking orders!  Last day to place pre-orders is Wednesday, November 4. Check All Souls Face book and Website for daily information, especially the week of Nov. 1.

We sell out each year because all of you are awesome!  Thank You!


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