Highlights from 223rd Annual Convention

 November 4, 2017 
Highlights of the 223rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Virginia
More than 330 lay and clerical delegates from across the Diocese gathered at Christ Church, Glen Allen, Saturday for the 223rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Virginia.
The Convention delegates voted to approve Bishop Shannon Johnston's call, with the consent of the Standing Committee, for the election of a second Bishop Suffragan. The election of the new bishop is expected to be held within the next 18 months. The new suffragan will succeed Assistant Bishop Ted Gulick, who is retiring at the end of this year. 
The new Bishop Suffragan will maintain a primary office in Northern Virginia and will become the third full-time bishop, joining Bishop Johnston and Bishop Goff.  
The Convention delegates passed 10 additional resolutions addressing a broad range of issues including combatting wage theft; prevention of opioid addiction; improving public transportation; and family leave for church employees. To read more about the resolutions, click here.  
Delegates passed a balanced budget which includes increased funding for campus ministries. In his Pastoral Address, Bishop Johnston made a special appeal to each of the churches to increase its pledge to the diocesan budget by 2.5% or $25 per $1,000 currently given to the Diocese. Bishop Shannon pointed to three specific needs: employing college chaplains for all universities in the Diocese; supporting fledgling and small mission congregations; and improving compensation to attract and retain diocesan staff.
Also in his Pastoral Address, Bishop Johnston spoke about the role of the Church in racial reconciliation. "We learned from Charlottesville that when the Church shows up and takes a stand, people notice and are themselves strengthened to oppose any form of injustice or inhumanity." To read the full Pastoral Address, click here.
The Convention closed with a tribute to Bishop Gulick, who was also the homilist at the Holy Eucharist. Bishop Gulick will retire to his farm in Fauquier County and looks forward to continuing in an active role with the Diocese.

Read Bishop Johnston's full address on the Diocese of Virginia Website:  http://www.thediocese.net/news/the-pastoral-address-of-bishop-johnston-t...

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