July 30 Service Projects

The 5th Sunday in July this year presented a great opportunity for outreach projects!  All Souls and Messiah worship together in July, and after a Service of the Word on July 30, members of the congregations could choose to participate in any one of three special projects:

Sack Hunger Build

We exceeded our goal of 600 Sack Hunger bags to help feed men, women, and children in the Richmond area.  These bags are distributed in a variety of ways and serve to keep all of us more aware of the needs some of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We appreciate the help of many area churches to provide proteins, water, fruit, protein bars, socks, and a few other items for each bag, and for coming to assist with the assembly line.  Individuals and churches take boxes of these bags to have to give out to people they meet on street corners, homeless shelters, Hanover Co. Services Board, and many other places where there are people that need some food. Churches that participated are: Church of our Savior, St. Phillip's Church, St. John's Church, Emmanuel Brook Hill, Messiah Lutheran, and All Souls.                

Garden Produce and Refreshments to Christian Village


Members of All Souls and Messiah took fresh veggies from our garden and zucchini bread and lemonade to the people that live at Christian Village in Mechanicsville.  Meeting these wonderful residents was a treat for all of us, and we had a great time just talking about the garden, and what it means to those that work in it. In addition, Pat Hubert, President of MCEF spoke about the services offered at MCEF and the September 1 date for MCEF's One Stop Shop. It was a delightful time to share time, conversation, and fresh string beans, cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes with so many wonderful people.

Decorating for Vacation Bible School

VBS is offered free to the children of both churches as well as community members.  Decorating the church area for VBS is a big deal, and this year, with the "Hero Central - Discover your Strength in God" theme, there were lots of great decorations to put up.  The Church never looked better! Bible School was a fantastic event this year with  Hanover Sheriff's officers and a fire and rescue member joining us to celebrate National Night Out on August 1.  With oer 40 volunteers, 18 from All Souls, and 30 children, everyone was busy making sure the kids had a fantastic experience! 


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