Lenten Wednesdays - Moving Mindfully

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Join us on Wednesday evenings for Supper and Worship, and then participate with us in Moving Mindfully with God through Lent

Often people will give up something for Lent – chocolate, TV, going out to dinner, alcohol. What if we tried something new for Lent? What if we started a new, positive habit and practiced that habit for the 40 days of Lent? I invite you to join us – the communities of All Souls Episcopal and Messiah Lutheran in 40 Days of Moving Mindfully with God. The average person struggles to find time for prayer, exercise, healthy eating, time with family, and all the other demands of life, yet we all know that prayer, movement, nutrition, and play improve how we feel. So during Lent, join us as we each take 15 minutes a day to walk or stretch or do some type of physical movement that is healthy for our bodies. And during that activity, spend some of it being quiet and focusing your attention on God or thank God for the day. 

Where: Messiah Lutheran Church

When: 6:30pm Soup for Dinner and Clean-Up

7:10pm Program Time

8:05pm Worship Together

8:15pm Head Home Program: There will be two groups. 

Chair Yoga - 20 minutes - led by Kim Binner.  This group will be a gentle stretching class that uses some yoga poses. It is meant for anyone at any fitness level and any flexibility level. Wear clothes that are easy to move in. 

Walking - 20 minutes - led by Rev. Katherine and others. This group will cross over Atlee Rd. and walk through the neighborhood across from Messiah. The street is Wonderland Lane, and the neighborhood is safe to walk. Wear clothes for walking. Since Day Light Savings Time begins the Sunday before, we will have mostly light, but wear bright clothes and bring a flashlight if you can. We will walk as a group.


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