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Stewardship 2021


November 19, 2020

Dear All Souls,

For many of us, the word “unprecedented” does not begin to describe 2020.  We’ve seen extraordinary changes to our daily lives at home, work, and with worship.  And yet despite these circumstances, we have remained a community, tightly knit and supportive of one another.  We have shown remarkable perseverance and focus, ensuring our ability to Worship, Engage our Faith, and Connect with our community and with one another. 

The ministries at All Souls have indeed continued – and even thrived! I’ve been heartened by our strength and resilience as we’ve found ways to continue serving God and one another.

We have faced (and conquered!) the sometimes-daunting world of technology, adding in weekly Zoom worship, evening Compline services, and Bible study.  The ReGathering committee worked tirelessly to plan and execute a way to safely gather and worship in person, outdoors at the Atlee House.   

Our Outreach programs continued to feed the hungry.  Protocols were put in place and methods altered, but the All Souls Community Garden remained vibrant and productive this year, allowing us to donate over 1,900 pounds of food to MCEF for people in need.

In addition to calls, texts, letters, and emails, we’ve been able to connect with each other through creative ways:  a car parade to celebrate our choir director; beautiful handmade signs to welcome our kids back to school; the men’s group hosting an online book club. 

It seems remarkably fitting that this year’s Stewardship theme, based on the opening words from our Holy Baptism liturgy, is called “One Together.”  For it is together, as one, that we will continue to move forward and serve.

There is one Body and one Spirit;
There is one hope in God’s call to us;
One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism;
One God and Father of all. 

(Book of Common Prayer p. 299)

We live as ‘One Together’ through our baptism, and our one faith unites us even when we are not together physically. While we have missed worship in our church itself, we are the one body – the feet and the hands of Jesus – we are the Church. And the Church has been busy following God’s call to us.

You may have noticed that we delayed our Stewardship campaign a bit this year.  It is a hard thing to ask for commitments, financial or otherwise, not knowing what 2021 will look like.  Yet, All Souls Episcopal Church relies on support from individuals who declare their faithful commitment to our church through a pledge of their time, talents, and treasure. It is your commitment, even through uncertainty, that allows our mission to continue.  We are so glad you are here and hope you will join our effort.

Enclosed you will find your annual pledge card.  There are many ways to decide how much to give, and no one way suits everyone!  The important thing is to discover and commit to a level of giving that honors God’s generosity to you and that increases your joy in giving.  If possible, please mail in or return your pledge card to the Atlee house by Sunday, December 13th.  You can find information on percentage giving, choices for making financial payments through bank drafts, checks, via website, or through the Vanco mobile app, all listed on our All Souls website -  

While stewardship is being done differently this year, our mission has remained the same, and with the grace of God, the love of Christ and the church, and the loving fellowship of our community, we will continue to serve.   Please join me and our vestry to sustain our mission and ministry. Now more than ever, your gifts make a difference. 

Blessings be to you,

Tracy Vail-Rhodes, Sr. Warden

And the All Souls Stewardship Committee

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