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All Souls Garden Ministry

The All Souls Community Garden was started in the spring of 2012 to grow fresh foods to donate to food banks in the Mechanicsville and Richmond area.  In the past six years, the garden has donated over 7 tons pounds of produce to Mechanicsville Church’s Emergency Fund’s Pantry, Northside Baptist Church's Loaves and Fishes feeding program, the McShin Foundation, Hanover Evangelical Friends Church, Church Hill Wellness Center, Moments of Hope, and individuals in need.  The garden, worked entirely by volunteers from All Souls as well as friends and community organizations, is fulfilling our mission of Serving God in our Community in a real and sustainable way.

Each year, we begin and end our growing season with a community blessing, ever mindful that all we have is a gift from our creator. Our fresh vegetables are truly appreciated by all who receive them!  Many times the only fresh foods at the food banks is the food from All Souls!   

Volunteers are the backbone of the garden! The success of our mission is dependent on the time that volunteers spend tilling, planting, weeding, picking, washing, weighing and packaging, and delivering food.  The garden is a special place for our volunteers who come to work, be with friends, reflect on the special relationship significance of growing and producing food that is shared, and to be a part of this special ministry that feeds so many.  Volunteers were honored on November 5 at 11:30 am, and the garden Blessed with a Thanksgiving service.  

November 17, 2018- Many thanks to volunteers that came to gleam black eye peas, harvest the last of the turnips, take up straw bales and add to compost pile, and cut off asparagus fronds and mulch roots with pine needles.  We put the garden to bed for the winter, and had a Harvest Service to bless and thank garden and all those that worked in or supported our efforts.  This year's garden, even with all the rain, produced 2182 pounds of food that went to local food banks.  In the past 7 years, we have given away 15,110 pounds of food.  We have one more outreach project:  Lucky Lunch at Christian Village - we weill serve our own black-eye-peas and stewed tomatoes with other delicious foods, goodness from our garden.

We Still Need Your Help:   If you have leaves at your home, please bag them up and bring to the garden and put in the pile next to the compost.  In addition, your vegetable and fruit scraps are welcomed in our compost pile all year long.

2017 was a bountiful year for the garden.  It produced over 3400 pounds of food by the work of our faithful volunteers.  Food is taken to MCEF, Christian Village, and Church Hill Wellness Group weekly. 

June 2017 - We were notified that we have received the Mustard Seed Grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia of that will allow us to fund building of two elevated raised beds to make working in the garden easier for some of our gardeners, and provide a safe place to grow delicious carrots and beets, a favorite of pesky voles!  We will also build a raised bed for a children's garden, and for compost and compost/soil mix to fill the beds.  Please visit NEWS to see the new elevated and raised beds put in place by Boy Scout Troupe 521 Eagle Project, and the beginning of 2018's straw bale gardening project.


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