Sack Hunger Build

Sack Hunger

We will be assembling sack hunger bags on Sunday,

    February 24 after the worship service.   

Our goal is 300 bags.

All Souls has been preparing bags of food to give to those we meet on street corners and other places for over 8 years.  This ministry is special for our congregation and other congregations in the area that generously help us with supplies and filling the bags.  We have a great time lining up all the supplies, filling the bags, then putting bags in boxes that people can keep in their cars.  Would you like to see this?  Sack Hunger build will be at 11:00 am at Messiah Lutheran Church.

To prepare we need:

bottled water
canned meat such as tuna pouches or Vienna sausages that can be opened without  a can opener
granola bars or crackers
individual fruit cups or apple sauce
Other items such as socks, hand sanitizer, aspirin would also be welcomed

Beth Harper will have a sign up sheet on Sunday, or you can email her at Items may be dropped off at Messiah Lutheran or left on the porch at Atlee House.

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