What Is A Sunday Like?

Messiah Lutheran churchSunday Worship 10:00 am 

For the Summer of 2021 - our primary worship service is Sunday at 10am in the Fellowship Hall of Messiah Lutheran Church. (8154 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville) 

We worship in Messiah Lutheran Church at the corner of Atlee Road and Meadowbridge Road. Our worship is centered in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer with a variety of music, from traditional to contemporary. We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Eucharist each week, and all are welcome to Jesus’ table.

Weekly music, prayers, and sermons connect the message of the Scriptures to the real lives of our community, attentive to the work of the Spirit in the world around us.  We are a family-friendly environment that engages members of all ages in our service. Watch services on our YouTube channel HERE.

Community Time - Sunday after Worship

As more folks have gotten vaccinated and the number of infections decreases, we are once again having a brief "Coffee Hour" after worship.  Our Hospitality Team offers cold canned juices, sodas, and bottles of water to those who gather in the wonderful shade of the tree next to the Fellowship Hall.  After having spent much of the last year or more, virtually gathering, it is wonderful to once again stand together and catch up on how each other is doing.  This will be our practice for the remainder of the summer.


Faith Formation - Sunday after Coffee Hour

*Faith Formation on Sundays for all ages will resume in the Fall of 2021. 

At All Souls Church, we prize learning, seeking to know the mind and will of God through Scripture, reason, tradition and human experience. A wide variety of educational opportunities for all ages are offered on Sundays and during the week throughout the year.  

We have an array of class styles.

Our Children's Program invites our young ones to learn, share, question and experience the story of God's people and The Way of Love taught to us by Jesus as their own. 

Fusion is our Youth Program which invites our Middle and High School members to continue to learn, question, and discuss what it means to be in relationship with God and how it can impact the decisions we make in our community and in the world.

Adult Formation comes in the form of everything from traditional bible study and book discussions to interactive programs that engage our creativity and use a variety of media to explore our questions of faith and nurture fresh spiritual practices. Throughout all that we do, we work to weave in God's message of love and grace for all while having meaningful conversations and as much fun as possible. 

Please know you are always welcome to join us.  We would love to have you be a part of our community! 


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